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A shift from emotional to rational, from subconscious, through unconscious to conscious.

It is a place where something must resurface, be found, dug out, or discovered. From the masses of people only one king will rise, and it is up to these people to find the excellence and royalty within, while separating from family ties, patterns, and emotional ties, to become a leader. This date is a place for gatherings of those who are important, and the Moon with the Sun adds to that image.

What is a Talismanic-Stone or Planetary-Stone?

This symbol speaks about important people, men in the clearest masculine, leading principle, and their power, influence and ability to affect the world from the shadows, conspiring or arranging things for everyone else. We can see that the numeral value of January 20th comes down to number 3 and the rule of Jupiter. It is easy to recognize an obvious need to reconcile differences and progress through love, family, and relationships towards self-discovery and fulfillment, but it is just as clear that this person is born to think, travel, learn, expand and teach.

The Globetrotter

As their convictions start to change for the better and they start to build reasonable optimism, they will know they are on the right path. Emotional life of people born on the 20th of January is quite a rollercoaster, for they are born with an intense set of feelings and trying to shove them under the rug for the most of their lifetime.

Your Personality Profile:

It is typical for them to attract and choose partners who will hurt them in some way, just so they can rationalize and move on, closing their heart bit by bit, year after year. If they stop nurturing the child within, they could become distant and closed, drawn apart from the rest of the world and lonely in their attempt to protect their sensitive insides. It is the system of beliefs and their pink goggles that define the direction in which their love life will move.

People born on this date need to know instead of guessing, and feel with every fiber of their being that they have found the right person to be with, to be able to create the sense of belonging they wish for. Those born on January 20th often turn out to be excellent mediators, matchmakers, or peacemakers. Depending on their own state of the emotional world and their relationships within the family they were born into, they will have the potential needed to move in a meaningful direction.

New Moon in Sagittarius ~ Our Beliefs Are Changing to Match a New Reality…

Either their sense of childish security will remain with them for a long time, or leave them too early for their life to develop to an impressive future. A very good crystal to fit the needs of a January 20th personality is malachite.

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Its protective properties give a person room to create a barrier towards the outer world, leaving enough time and energy to deal with everything that goes on within. It will aid one to open their heart to others and bring harmonious energy to all types of relationships. To make a person born on January 20th happy, one needs to realize that they have something like a split personality within.

Buy December Birthstones and Zodiac Gems Sagittarius & Capricorn

To be on the safe side, it is always a good choice to turn to their need for learning or travel and get them a plane ticket to a destination they always wanted to visit, or a book on philosophy they wish to read. Choose a powerful picture for their home or a session with a therapist if they are open enough, but be careful not to go against their self-image and ego. Compassionate, caring, sensitive and talented, this is someone who can create incredible things if emotionally supported by all the right people. In fact, New Moons are a potent time to set intentions and to envision and use the tool of visualization.

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There is a new reality being co-created based on the New Emerging Consciousness of the New Paradigm… We have to update, up level to embody this new emerging consciousness… Our beliefs and emotional state influence our reality; and our reality shapes our inner state and thoughts…. Even if tragedy befalls us; we can somehow trace the outcome of our loss, tragedy and turning point to some shift in perception, new need, want and form of growth….

All works in concert with us and for us; albeit sometimes it absolutely does not feel or look like it does….

The themes that will start to be highlighted and integrated into our individual lives and collective of the main stream will be truth, honesty, tolerance, appreciation of self and others, as well as an appreciation of learning. This New Moon will bring a fresh breeze of what is possible and a touch of optimism, faith and renewed hope. New Moons are openings and merely beginnings, so much is in the follow through and follow-up.