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I bought this for a teen in our youth group and it was horrible. Two of the worst were imagining your dad lost his job and you lived in a cardboard box and imagining you were at your own funeral. Dave Ambrose has been working with students for more than 15 years. He's also a trainer for Youth Specialties and a frequent speaker at retreats and youth worker training events. But Dave's favorite thing to do in the entire world is dancing with his two boys, Josh and Ty, and their dog, Raider, in the living room.

Dave's wife, Melody, usually just sits and laughs at them all. Knowing it would be easy to slip from an unforgiving attitude to sinful actions, I began searching God's Word for wisdom on this subject. In Matthew Jesus tells of a servant forgiven a huge debt by his king. When the same servant has an opportunity to forgive someone a minor debt, he chooses to inflict punishment instead. The king finds out and is outraged: "Then the master called the servant in. Shouldn't you have had mercy on your fellow servant just as I had on you?

As I meditated on these verses, I was reminded of times I had said or done hurtful things to others. At those times the forgiveness of God was extended to me. I could no longer allow myself to withhold forgiveness. I invited my friend for coffee to ask her forgiveness for whatever I had done to cause her displeasure with me. Sadly, she was unwilling to explain or acknowledge her actions and we parted without any resolution to the situation.

It's been months since that meeting and there are times I have to remind myself to "eat my spinach" as I continue to forgive the one who hurt me. As I have struggled with this issue, God has shown me biblical steps to take as I forgive someone who has hurt me: 1. Recognize and confess my sins.

Rejoice in God's forgiveness for my sins. Ephesians , "Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. Remember that forgiveness is a continual process. Matthew a, "Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, "Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Give me ears to hear and a heart to receive what You have for me in each and every lesson. Speak a fresh Word to me. You tell me Your Word is living and active meant to speak to me today.

You tell me that when Your Word goes out, it will achieve what You desire and accomplish the purposes for which You sent it. Father, do that in my life. Speak to me. Move me. Change me. Accomplish everything in my life that You desire. Thank You for giving me this opportunity to spend time alone with You. Help me to carve out the time no matter how busy I think I am.

Help me to put You first. As we move into Chapter 2, the author of Hebrews interrupts his message on angels with an invitation. He gives his audience the opportunity to respond to what he presented in Chapter 1. He wants Christ to be not only exalted and understood but also believed and accepted.

After much study, I believe that both theories make sense. He heaps more proof on when he speaks of God confirming the message they heard by signs and wonders. Read John and Acts God sent the Law.

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His people ignored it. God sent the prophets. His people ignored them. God sent Jesus. Finally, God sent the apostles with their miracles and wonders. This, sweet friends, is the heart of this book! Now, on to angels. According to Hebrews , what are angels? Read Hebrews 2: Friends, according to Hebrews , Jesus came to this earth to bring salvation.

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It was through Him that God chose to bring His children into His glory. In Hebrews , the author continues by teaching that in addition to becoming our Substitute, Jesus became our Sanctifier. Because of what Jesus did for us on the cross, we are forgiven, given a new nature, and made holy…perfectly holy! How can this be, you ask? I sin everyday. I act selfishly. I lie. I choose to do wrong instead of right.

I get angry. You are right.

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We may not act holy because sin still exists in us in thought and practice. Friends, God calls us now to become practically what we are postionally. We should desire to spend the rest of our lives conforming ourselves into His image. Are their things in your past or in your present that keep you from living as a true child of God…things you believe keep you from being conformed to His image.

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If there are, take this opportunity to confess those things to God. According to 2 Timothy your are a special utensil made for honorable use. In Christ, you are a holy vessel intended by your Father in heaven to be used for holy purposes in His grand plan for your life. Live in the reality of who you are…a precious child of God, created in His image, to live a purpose-filled life that brings glory and honor and praise to your Father in heaven.

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Why did Jesus have to become flesh and blood? Read John and Romans corrected from John What do they say about this Truth? Read the remainder of Chapter Two. In Hebrews , the author of Hebrews again reminds his audience that Jesus did not take on the nature of an angel. He descended lower than an angel and became flesh and blood. God chose Abraham Genesis 12 from all His people to be the father of a nation that He would bless. Jesus came to save that nation.

In the last few verses of Hebrews, the author points again to a characteristic, a name of Jesus we visited earlier…another part of His Person that makes Him greater than the angels. It means to run on hearing a cry. By using this word, the author again shows how Jesus is superior to the angels.

Angels serve but only Jesus can help us in times of temptation.

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He was created to run to us and help us in our time of need. He has already experienced it and come through it victoriously. He was hungry.

He was thirsty. He was angry.