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As such, the office changed its role and character, from an eponymous priesthood to a propaganda tool: unlike the royal office, which was increasingly shared among siblings or other family members from the early 2nd century BC on, the priesthood of Alexander was indivisible.

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This must have appealed to Ptolemy IX, eager to set himself apart from his mother, who he hated and who had begun her own priestly cult around her own person. This new role of the priesthood of Alexander can be traced in later reigns as well. He was probably a partisan of Cleopatra III, who had succeeded to temporarily evict her son from Alexandria. As women could not occupy a supreme priesthood in the Greek world, she had to content herself with placing one of her supporters in the post, as a public sign of her new dominance.

After Artemidorus, however, the name of Ptolemy IX was subsequently added in the papyrus, which means that he managed to return to Alexandria in the same year.

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As the inter-dynastic rivalry continued, however, in BC she finally decided to assume the priesthood herself, to underline her precedence. Cleopatra probably intended this arrangement to be permanent, but her blatant violation of Greek norms in assuming the priesthood must have damaged her image among the Greeks. The last years of her reign were taken up with her persistent conflict with Ptolemy IX, until she died in BC, probably following an assassination attempt by Ptolemy IX, whereupon Ptolemy X became sole ruler.

The priestly and royal offices remained united under Ptolemy X and his successors, although the priestly title was rarely mentioned in the papyri, as the loss of its eponymous character rendered it irrelevant for dating purposes.

CORPUS PAPYRORUM JUDAICARUM, V. Tcherikover - 1957 3 Vols. Hermeneutics Ostraca

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Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Menelaos, son of Lagos. For the priests Nr. Kallikrates, son of Boiskos. From Samos. First priest of Alexander and the deified Prolemies Theoi Adelphoi.

Senior Ptolemaic commander in the Chremonidean War. Pelops, son of Alexandros. From Macedon, father of Pelops. Brother of Chremonides from Athens. Aetos, son of Apollonios. Ptolemy, son of Andromachos. Possibly identical with Ptolemy Andromachou.

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Antiochos, son of Kratidas. Tlepolemos, son of Artapates. Sosibios, son of Dioskourides. Dositheos, son of Drimylos. I d—e. III Maccabees 1, 3. From Argos , father of Polykrates.

Agathokles, son of Agathokles. Dal Risorgimento alla crisi dello stato liberale. Esemplare intonso. XXII, , tela editoriale con sovraccop. Terza edizione milanese. VIII,, legatura in tutta tela, titolo in oro al dorso. Piccolo buco all'ultima carta con lieve mancanza di testo. Il corso, Villa Borghese Anno Legatura in piena tela editoriale, cornica a secco e titolo in oro al piatto superiore.

Usure varie alla legatura e tracce di sporco. Carta di guardi anteriore con mancanza.

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Alcune lievi bruniture, nel complesso le tavole risultano in buono stato conservativo. Riedizione in 63 tavole dell'album di Gaetano Cottafavi, di 50 tavole. Delle 13 tavole aggiunte, 7 sono firmate L. Nisi Cavalieri, 2 L. Cavalieri, una Gio. Ciuli, una A. L'urbe d'Augusto rievocata. Presentazione di Carlo Formichi. Alcuni strappi alle cerniere.

Libreria Parolini s. Prima Edizione. I Musei e le Gallerie di Roma. Le Accademie e gli Enti di Cultura di Roma. Le Biblioteche di Roma.

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Le Scuole Pubbliche di Roma. Preface by U. Prima Edizione stampata in tiratura limitata e numerata di soli esemplari, N. Articoli di R.

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Paribeni, P. Fedele, P. Paschini, A. Munoz, G. Ceccarelli, L. Huetter e R. Dell'Arco, N. Urbani del Fabbretto b.

Prima Edizione stampata su carta lusso in tiratura limitata e numerata di soli esemplari, N. X molte foto b. A cura di G. Prima Edizione Francese. Prima Edizione nella collana "Vetrina Italiana" N.