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If you look at these more important issues the choice will be very clear. Foxpro has done really well with these new calls from what I have seen. If you want some specifics on what has been done to enhance the remote range, shoot me a pm and I will get you some answers.

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It's not the yd range it's the fact that it works at , you know it will at You won't be sitting there waving your remote around like your at a music concert trying to get it to hook up. All the while sitting there starring at it. I hardly ever set my call over 60 yds unless I'm hunting with a buddy, then sometimes it may be farther or closer depending on set ups etc.

I may have the call sitting where I can't see it but my partner can and vise versa. Point being I've had no issue with remote hooking up. I almost wish I would've got the icote but it also has a different remote and I wasn't sure about its durability and functionality either. The range I believe would be fine, just wasn't sure about functionality and durability of it. I've always said if I'm gonna spend significant amount of money on an ecaller it would be a foxpro and the hammerjack seems to have a lot of stuff I like at a price point that's not completely absurd.

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  • Find more coyote calls on Amazon.
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I'll continue to use what I have bc it works. But when I have to upgrade for whatever the reason whether it be the call fails or I just think I HAVE to have something different I just want improve not go backwards. The hammerjack has peaked my curiosity bc on paper it looks like something I'd would like.. Originally Posted By: Cool hand Luke Anyways I was just curious about the hammerjack People are little touchy about theirar foxpros I see Thx snowmanmo.


Yea I mean what I got works, I bought the cheapest call at first, got hooked, learned to use diaphragm calls, hand calls, etc because I wanted to broaden my arsenal so to speak, love hand calling btw, but I've always had the foxpros in back of my mind like you was saying or haunting me.. The new technology in the remotes gives them alot better range. It is simply a better way to transmit and the range has tripled if not more from the old.


Buy the American Made caller and the sounds with it and you will call more coyotes. It really is that simple In Canada it was-8 to degs and the Foxpros got it done, last week with a couple wounded warriors in NM we called 23 in and killed 7 and the coldest it got was 80 degs All the e callers out there will work to some degree You will not find a better built caller for the money. Previous Topic Index Next Topic.

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Unanswered Posts. Nick says:. GoCardless is a platform that we can grow and scale with and the benefits will only get greater as we onboard more clients.

It takes a level of friction out of the payment process, which allows time to be spent helping customers save, grow and transform through Hammerjack services and build deeper relationships along the way. Join the 30, businesses already using GoCardless.

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Support FAQ help gocardless. Learn more. GoCardless Ltd.

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Key benefits Reduced admin time, flexibility, Xero integration. Hammerjack leads the way in on-ground knowledge and connectivity in The Philippines.

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