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Book Abstract: Discusses the growth mechanisms of tin whiskers and the effective mitigation strategies necessary to reduce whisker growth risks This book covers key tin whisker topics, ranging from fundamental science to practical mitigation strategies. Copyright Year: Topics: Engineered Materials, Dielectrics and Plasmas. Online ISBN: January December Panashchenko, full dissertation link.

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November Fundamental mechanisms controlling stress evolution and whisker growth", E. May March Whisker Photo Gallery Updated.

Tin Whisker Mitigation Process for Surface Mount Components

Whisker Anecdotes Added. February Panashchenko, Univ.

Tin Whisker Growth Kinetics

Panashchenko, M. Presentation modified for tin whisker telecon. June Brusse, A. McCormack, Intl. Courey, et al.

Videos matching Robotic Hot Solder Dip for Prevention of Tin Whiskers

Chason , et al, Applied Physics Letters 92, , April Kumar, et al, J. Heath Changqing Liu. Tin whiskers are filamentary growths that are formed on the surface of electrodeposited tin, which is used extensively in the electronics industry.

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  • Mitigating Tin Whisker Risks : Theory and Practice.

The presence of whiskers on electroplated finishes has been observed for more than 60 years, but, despite a huge amount of work in this area, a definite mechanism by which whiskers grow remains unidentified. Whiskers pose a significant problem for manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment, since they are able to grow across and bridge the gap between adjacent electrical components, resulting in short-circuits and other associated failures. For many years, whisker growth was effectively mitigated by the addition of lead to tin electrodeposits.

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However, recent legislation prohibits the use of lead in new electrical and electronic devices, and thus alternative whisker reduction techniques are being sought.