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As in the F-5A development before it, the F-5E was also branched out into a two-seat version designated as the "F-5F".

We Finally Know Where Those Surplus Jordanian F-5 Tiger IIs Ended Up (Updated)

With the addition of the second instructor's cockpit, one of the M39A2 internal cannons was deleted and the nose was lengthened. The USAF received their first F-5E models with the th Tactical Fighter Squadron though it was mostly foreign parties that took an interest in Tiger II procurement with some 20 air forces around the world went on to field the type. In all, F-5E models were produced by Northrop facilities.

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Switzerland also undertook local-license production of these new versions and produced 91 F-5E and F-5F models. South Korea added 68 local examples.

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  • The Ill-fated F Tigershark The global success of the F-5 series prompted a newer, single-engine, single-seat model to appear. This was a modified F-5E initially designated as the F-5G.

    Engine output was increased by as much as 80 percent from the original design and other revisions made for a more potent adversary. Ultimately, the program grew apart from her F-5 origins enough that she received the all-new F "Tigershark" designation. However, the F was up against stiff competition with the arrival of the do-everything General Dynamics F Fighter Falcon lightweight fighter of similar scope but broader capabilities. Additionally, the USAF's decision to pass on procurement of the Tigershark essentially doomed it for global sales - its local endorsement proved quite vital in the global market.

    All served well to keep the fighter flying for a few decades longer.

    Discovery Channel Wings - Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter

    Other countries followed with localized upgrade programs all their own, though not to the Canadian extent, and many still field the F-5 series in one form or another. Chile and Brazil, with help from the Israeli firm of Elbit, added Elbit radar systems and Brazilian types capability for the Python missile.


    Israel also helped to upgrade Thailand F-5 mounts with Python missile support. It was aimed at air forces that had no big budgets available and the USAF did not really put in big orders for this plane, only a dozen being evaluated in Vietnam. Overall about F-5As and two-seat F-5B aircraft were built. Of the F-5, several variations were developed, based on specific air force specs of various countries.

    Northrop CF-5A Freedom Fighter

    This F-5 version has two more powerfull engines and some extra equipment as compared to the usual F-5A. The major external characteristics of the Dutch NF-5 are: - tailhook below aft fuselage later also used for F-5E type - two large split air intake doors aft of main wing trailing edge in both sides fuselage to provide extra air to engines later also used for F-5E type - provision to carry also the larger gallon underwing fueltanks - manoeuvring leading edge" flaps - other nose wheel leg that could be extended - different cockpit main instrument panel layout - slightly larger intake than USAF F-5A for the more powerfull Canadian Orenda engines similar to CF Compared to the F-5A, it was lengthened and enlarged, with increased wing area with and more sophisticated avionics.

    Scanned from Slides. Collection M.

    US seeks to restart parts manufacture for Taiwan F-5s | Jane's

    Deviations on real aircraft may occur. A lot of detail is seen here including full cockpit details, undercarriage but also the openend up hatches. Various scale models exist of the F TIP: look for a build report at the site of one of our members, Meindert [ external link]. IV Aeronca L-3 Aerosp.