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Elleston is best known for his classic, The Flight of the Phoenix, and for his nineteen novels about a spy named Quiller. In , The Quiller Memorandum won the Edgar award for the best mystery of the year. The Flight of the Phoenix and Quiller Memorandum both became major motion pictures. He died in Scottsdale, Arizona, on July 21, Average Review.

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View Product. Quiller: The Sinkiang Executive. A rash act by Quiller results in a threatened dismissal from the secret agency he A rash act by Quiller results in a threatened dismissal from the secret agency he works for -- unless he takes on a near-suicidal mission to fly a small plane into Russia that might be shot down at any moment. Quiller: The Tango Briefing. London Bureau sends Quiller to the Sahara desert on a mission to examine a crashed London Bureau sends Quiller to the Sahara desert on a mission to examine a crashed freighter and its mysterious cargo.

The Sinkiang Executive

The danger to Quiller comes not only from the cargo itself and from political cells trying to capture Quiller, but Quiller Meridian. A mission is blown in Bucharast: London's Bureau agent is killed and his Russian contact A mission is blown in Bucharast: London's Bureau agent is killed and his Russian contact fled before priceless information could be delivered. Quiller is called in to track down the contact and proceed with the mission, code name Meridian.

Quiller's Run. In Singapore Quiller is nearly killed by assassins of a Quiller laments that, unfortunately, the only way to get such a label is to have actually proven the point, not a pleasant way of earning it. Quiller is an anachronism is the spy business, not only in the Bureau for whom he works but also in the entire field of spy-hero fiction.

He doesn't like guns. It isn't that he is bad with them for he has quite a good aim and a superb knowledge of the attributes of most weapons. It is that he feels carrying a gun would make him prone to rely on it and use it when thinking would be a better choice of action. This lack of firepower has gotten him chided on more than one occasion but it has also bewildered adversaries who cannot believe that he would not have a gun.

The lack of a firearm, however, does not indicate passivity.

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Quiller is highly skilled in the martial arts and the hand-to-hand combats that are described in his adventures are probably the best written and most believable to be found in any series. He is no superman but he is good. Regrettably, one of the greatest spy series ever written has but one movie made from it as far as I currently know and it starred an American as the British operative. The movie was quite good, imho, especially for the delicious performance by Sir Alec Guinness as Pol.

Throwing in Max Von Sidow is never, ever, a bad thing and the delectable Senta Berger can charm any male. The writing was first rate, earning Harold Pinter an Edgar nomination. The reason it did not do so well, I think, is it was like the book, very cerebral and requiring the viewer to think. Not enough car chases or things blowing up. Since that is the sort of thing I look for in movies, I'm surprised I enjoyed it so much. Starring in the series as Quiller was an accomplished actor, Michael Jayston who would, a couple of years later, play Peter Guillam working with Alec Guinness' George Smiley noteworthy in that I consider the two series to be among the very best ever created in spy series fiction.

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The show did not survive long and after its last episode, it went into the vault and did not get any form of syndication. So far I can find no place selling any of the episodes. Adam Hall is a novelist who writes spy fiction. These books are first and foremost novels. This may not have opened the floodgates of fans anxious for an Executioner style 'love 'em or blow 'em up' book but it does make for fantastic enjoyment and many hours of great reading.

Quiller is a totally believable character. He makes a good number of mistakes but they are understandable and reasonable and when someone dies as a result, he suffers the guilt that should come. We never know how tall he is or what color his hair is or where he is from. We never know what his real name is. There are tons of information we don't know about Quiller.

But with all that we don't know, it is certain that we do know him. And that is a very good thing. It also won the Grand Prix de Litterature Policiere in the same year. Also in , the movie of the same name was released to theaters. The luscious Senta Berger played the luscious Inge both the actress and the character deserve the adjective.

With the Quiller series, the late, great Ellestor Trevor - writing as Adam Hall -created a whole spy world resplendant with it's own dialogue and discriptions of trade craft that remained constant throughout the whole series. The result was that immediately you opened each new book, you were completely immersed into Quiller's world and what an exciting world it was. For me, the best in the series was " The Ninth Directive".

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  7. A story about the hunt for an assassin. A book that it proceeded. I've often wondered why Quiller didn't get more acclaim.

    Quiller: The Striker Portfolio

    I would pick the Quiller series as my personal favorite of all the characters and series listed on this website. I have great respect for John Le Carre's works, but I think the Quiller novels represent the best blend of intrigue, action and spy-craft.

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    The character Quiller, speaking in the first person, let's us inisde his mind and we feel his fears and sometimes despair. The world that Trevor creats around Quiller is highly believable. Like most spy series, I think the novels that followed the end of the Cold War were less intriguing, but still well written. Tell us what you think of the series. Give your grade and comments.

    Hello, Guest Sign In Register. Quiller's task is to locate the headquarters but he wants to catch one man, Heinrich Zossen. Quiller is given the key role. At the huge altitude it flew, it was like a fly. And then the aircraft turned downward and promptly crashed. Quiller's mission is to break in a young agent who is trying to find out who is behind the potential uprising. This includes pulling Quiller from an assignment in Tokyo with a 'Most Urgent' directive to find and investigate the crash site. A high-speed car chase in the streets of a North African city is one of the best you'll ever find.

    Best of all is the ending. It has to rank as one of the very best ending in all of spy fiction! His distrust is proven correct and he is suddenly in the middle of a mess with people trying constantly to kill him. They include some of the very best and most feared of international killers and they are up to something big.

    When the Bureau sends in several different executives to follow and watch the members of this organization, each of the executives dies in an abrupt manner and the target disappears. Now it is Quiller's turn. He was someone who had once chased Quiller, almost killed Quiller, and when Quiller escaped, took his revenge out on a young woman that should have been safe.