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World War I.

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Vietnam War. Spanish Civil War. North African Campaign.

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English Civil War. Age of Sail. Siege of Antioch. Third Crusade. Second Crusade. Sinking of the Spanish Armada. Fourth Crusade. First Crusade. Cold War. Guerre napoleoniche. Guerre Napoleoniche.

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Seconda Guerra Mondiale. Battle of the Atlantic. Bay of Pigs Invasion. Battle of Hattin. United States invasion of Panama. Siege of Jerusalem. Sengoku Jidai. Greco-Persian Wars. Punic Wars.

New Kingdom of Egypt. Battle of Hastings. Napoleonic Wars. First Punic War. Second Punic War. Winter War. American Revolution. Anglo-Spanish War. Third Punic War. Zulu War.

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Hungarian Revolution of How do series work? Helpers Tylman79 , mkenny 74 , surly 67 , Shrike58 29 , yllanes 19 , TChesney 17 , sjd 17 , sjolly75 12 , superdubey 10 , jcbrunner 9 , r. Series by cover 1—7 of next show all. The Paras by Greg Ferguson. The Vikings by Ian Heath. The Ancient Greeks by Nicholas Sekunda. Israeli Defence Forces since by Sam Katz. The Normans by David Nicolle.

Inside the Soviet Army by Steven J. The Armada Campaign by John Tincey. Knights at Tournament by Christopher Gravett. Israeli Elite Units since by Sam Katz. The Crusades by David Nicolle. Inside The U. Army Today by Gordon Rottman. The Zulus by Ian Knight. The Samurai by Anthony J.

Panzer Tanks - WWII German Tanks Documentary

The Old Contemptibles by Michael Barthorp. Medieval Siege Warfare by Christopher Gravett. Vietnam Airborne Elite by Gordon Rottman.

World War II Jungle Warfare Tactics (Osprey Elite)

Attila and the Nomad Hordes by David Nicolle. British Forces in Zululand by Ian Knight. Afrikakorps by Gordon Williamson. The Texas Rangers by Stephen Hardin. Panama by Gordon Rottman. The Ancient Assyrians by Mark Healy.

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