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Series: Time Warp Trio

She makes a great role model for the little girls in the audience, never playing Fred as a helpless victim, but a go-getter. Tene has proven, over and over, to be a competent young actress whose appearance in any production promises a powerful performance. And Brian Tochterman Jr. They are the hardest-working members of the company, morphing into a multitude of characters, often within seconds.

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The speed with which they exit, change costumes and wigs, and re-enter again as a new personage is astounding. Both actors become every ally, villain and creature that the children encounter. Johnson makes a very funny, if repulsively flatulent, caveman. The opening afternoon audience of little ones particularly enjoyed the broad, slapstick performances, as well as the charismatic characters created by this talented cast.

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  • On the symmetric scalar curvature problem on S^n.

Your Mother Was a Neanderthal.